Trooper Profile: TD-9066

Forum NameDaverian
Character NameSandtrooper
501st ID9066
Real NameDavid
Member Since:  2012-01-01
Costume List
Sandtrooper , approved 2012-01-01
TIE Pilot - OT , approved 2017-08-21
TIE Pilot - 181st , approved 2017-08-21
Current Year Troops:  2
Troops Since we started Tracking:  22
Recent Tour of Duty
2018-02-24: Hillsboro Public Library Comic-Fest
2018-01-27: Reaching for the Stars Special Needs Day
2017-08-19: Dash for Kids
2017-08-05: Private Event
2016-08-20: Beach Troop
2016-07-27: Intel Star Wars Marathon
2016-06-04: Starlight Parade
2016-04-09: Autism Walk - Astoria
2016-02-20: KidFest - Saturday
2016-02-06: Cub Scout Banquet - Warren
2016-01-30: Reaching for the Stars - Evergreen
2015-01-31: Reaching for the Stars Special Needs Day
2014-05-31: Starlight Parade
2014-02-15: Evergreen Aviation Museum Reach for the Stars
2013-06-01: Starlight Parade
2012-08-04: Seaside Fun Troop
2012-06-02: Starlight Parade
2012-05-19: UFO Parade
2012-03-17: Super-hero day at Portland Children's Museum
2012-03-16: Private Event
2012-02-11: Episode I 3D Premiere
2012-01-28: Evergreen Air and Space Museum
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